Our mission is not only to be a great construction and consulting company. It is not only to provide the customer service everyone deserves, it is also to embrace and integrate ecologically responsible practices into our business and everyday lives. We are very passionate about what we do as a company and what we stand for as the humans within it. We strive to hold ourselves to a higher standard being diligent about making a positive impact on our clients and the Earth. We hold firmly to our beliefs that we are all accountable for the world we live in and even the smallest steps forward to a cleaner healthier planet count. 

??In 2007, Ecolife Development was the next logical step in my long affiliation with construction. I grew up on the coast in a small fishing town so it was natural for me to be environmentally conscious. Ecolife continues to evolve and adapt in the ever changing landscape of standards and methods to assure that no matter what the project we can confidently minimize our impact on our planet.